A sweet collab with the fine folks at Partner where we were tapped to create a fully photoreal CG launch film for VIZIO’s new 2024 soundbar collection. Working with a small global strike team, I directed this spot over the course of 6 weeks.

Shouts to super-producer Colin Reiser, primo animator Abi Fairfax, and art direction maestros; brothers Mert and Mehmet Kizilay. 


Co-founders & Creative Directors: Rich Scurry & Will Hartman

Creative Director: Eric Del Greco
Senior Producer: Colin Reiser
Art Direction: Mert Kizilay & Mehmet Kizilay
Lead Animation: Abigail Fairfax
Additional Animation: Doug Curley
CG production: David Gidali & Dinoboy VFX
Sound design: Rory Doggett & Model Citizen
© 2024 respective studios + clients. 
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