Twins: 2023 Brand Refresh Launch Film

The Minnesota Twins came out *swinging* in 2023 with a redesigned identity program. Los York got the call to produce a little hype bop connecting the dots on the team’s legacy with the new guard, all swaddled in the expanded logo/wordmarks/palette/uniforms.

Working with an incredible amount of top tier designwork from German superstar art director, Sebastian Onufszak, mega-talent editor, Emma Blackman, and consistently shortlisted designer/animator genius, Matt Barretto, we got to work with David Thomas guiding our team alongside the excellent crew at the Twins.

Studio: Los York
Executive creative director: Scott Hidiger
HoP: Eric Zapakin

Written by: Scott Hidiger
Creative director: Eric Del Greco
Producer: David Thomas
Art director: Sebastian Onufszak
Animation: Matt Barretto
Editor: Emma Blackman
Sound design: Denis Kilty

VO: #25 Byron Buxton

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