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Y’all know the drill by now: Valorant North America calls We Are Royale exec producer Rhys with the new new—we get the top-flight killa brief, embark on the crispiest of collaborations, discovering new ideas along the way, always pushing the thing, pushing the thing, pushing until it’s golden brown and delicious.

This docu-mograph piece kicked off the VCT 2022 season with a focus on a handful of North American star players aiming for glory. Special shout to the always dialed-in Liz Lipka for producing this during another COVID blip of complexity and shooters Sam & Ryan for handling all the biz on set solo.

We Are Royale 

Live Action
CEO: Jen Lucero
Chief Creative Officer: Brien Holman
Managing Director: Beck Henderer-Pena
Executive Producer: Rhys Demery

Creative Director: Eric Del Greco
Lead Producer: Liz Lipka
Producer: Lisa Laubahn
Production Coordinator: Esther Hwang

Design: Pedro Cruz, Adrienne Wolman, Brandon Lee Smith, Josh Childers, Alex Gee

Animation: Alex Gee, Demetris Vazquez

Editor: Ryan Frey

Producer: Liz Lipka
Photographer: Sam McGuire
Cinematographer: Ryan Lovell

© 2024 respective studios + clients. 
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