RIOT Games x WAR

The second spot we unleashed for the dream team at Riot Games was focused on bringing forward the toughest North American teams competing in VALORANT's inaugural championship tourney, Champions Tour.

Masters represents one stop along the Tour journey and we sought to bring an extra dollop of cel style to the event film.

︎︎︎ A handful of additional design explorations the team created:

We Are Royale
Executive Creative Director: Brien Holman
Managing Director: Jen Lucero
Executive Producer: Rhys Demery
Head of Production: Eric Zapakin

Creative Director: Eric Del Greco
Producer: Lauren Johnson
Design & animation: Cecilia Fletcher
Design & animation: Kris Fortin
Design: Eleena Bakrie
Design: Daniel Beaton
2D animation: Brian Hwang
Editor: David Nitzsche

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