What an absolute joy to unleash this dystopian fever dream upon the world on behalf of the North American VALORANT crew at RIOT Games + the insanely talented team assembled at We Are Royale. For an in-depth look at how we made this madness, click here.

We Are Royale:

Executive Creative Director: Brien Holman
Managing Director: Jen Lucero
Head of Production: Eric Zapakin
Executive Producer: Rhys Demery

Creative Director: Eric Del Greco
Producer: Theresa Lee
Production Coordinator: Esther Hwang

Brand Design: Brad Mitchell

Concept Design:
Josh Childers, Brad Mitchell, Eddy Adams, Edgar Zavala

Edgar Zavala, Eddy Adams, Farbod Khoshtinat, Ben Hurand, Brian Hwang

Shane McLafferty

Broadcast Package | Design:
Ben Hurand, Jared Norby, Edgar Zavala

Poster Series Design:
Helen Jung, Farbod Khoshtinat, Ben Hurand, Edgar Zavala

Los Angeles, California 90028