PayPal + BUCK

Working with the team at BUCK NYC, we devised a global campaign celebrating the launch of PayPal’s improved app, bringing together a wide variety of financial services under one roof. The team was deep: our overall campaign strategy created by Surbahi Rathi & Kevin Pires powered a large design crew led by creative directors Kendra Ryan (who also led the animation team) and Shannon Jager.

A truly incredible amount of design and animation exploration eventually led to a 4-day shoot across Brooklyn, with director Stephan Malik helming the live-action. Big ups to all-star producer Kim Stephens who reigned in the entire show over the course of many, many months deftly navigating teams across several continents and a enormously long list of cutdowns and digital assets.


Group Creative Director: Ben Langsfeld
Executive Producer: Ryan McGrath

Producer: Kim Stephens
Production Coordinator: Jen Blackwell

Creative Director: Kendra Ryan
Creative Director: Eric Del Greco
Associate Creative Director: Shannon Jager
Senior Art Director: Connie Zhoh
Technical Director: Jose Fuentes

Strategy: Surbahi Rathi
Strategy: Kevin Pires
Copywriter: Logan O'Brien
Copywriter: Charlie Short

Storyboard Artist: Tristyn Pease

→ Design:

Jean-Michel Verbeeck, Daniel Whitaker, Viktoria Tsoy, Abbie Winters, Meeta Panesar

→ Animation:

Justin Lawes, Robin Desnou, Edvins Puzinkevics, Diego Abad, Hannah Sun, Michael Russo, Alex Perry, Fabian Morison, Julio Michelon, Meka Jewett

→ Editorial:

Editor: Dave Conte
Editor: Cameron Kelly
Assit Editor: Andrew McFarlane
Assit Editor: Talia Mazzarella

→ CG:

Chris Ribar, Filipe Machado

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