The team at Activision/Blizzard snagged the We Are Royale crew for a slick Design Part II for Call of Duty League Champs Weekend 2021.

Pushing the CDL visual language to reflect the epic scale of the event is job #1 and we did not hold back, coming at the ActiBliz team with several enormous world-builds. In the end, a superstructure concept c/o designer Ann Kruetzkamp won out, delivering the immensity required to slingshot the league and players into championship mode.

Concept 001 (unused)
An exploration of an expansive system with hidden floor/wall panels that flex to reveal information and imagery. 

Concept 002 (hero)
A study in futuristic architecture as massive metal structures emerge from an unseen space-base, reaching into the void, punctuated by shafts of volumetric light.

Studio: We Are Royale

Creative director: Eric Del Greco
Producer: Jeremy Schaumann
Design: Ann Kruetzkamp

Design: Andy Cambiasso

Design: Brad Mitchell

Design: Miro Klasinc

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Los Angeles, California