The DC AKQA office summoned the creative forces at We Are Royale to produce a live-action/animated recap piece summarizing 2018’s God of War masterpiece in anticipation of SIE and Santa Monica Studio’s soon-to-be-smash-hit-game-of-the-year, God of War Ragnarok.

We took that bait: I led a multi-faceted team swimming off to a soundstage in LA to shoot total champ and star of the show, Felicia Day, gingerly narrating our 7+ minute film, threw a CG team into the deep end to create & animate the storybook and roped in an illustration crew (led by the master, Miklós Ligeti) who dreamt up the many tableau featured in the book (which we then animated.) After all of that, we comped up the live-action, graded, scored and mixed this thing while the team at AKQA launched it off the side of the boat (what’s with the fishing metaphors?) to a feverish audience who gobbled it up 4M+ times on YouTube.

Special shoutout to lead animators Jared Norby and Dylan Casano who tackled the storybook + all character animation with some supremely innovative techniques that made the whole thing a bit more fucking radical.

Produced by WAR partner-in-crime, Lisa Laubhan.
Live action produced, as always, by the homie Kevin Matusow.
Big, big, big ups to our dynamite PD, Ariel Vida.
Expertly photographed by cinematographer, Tristan Nyby.
Full creditos coming soon...
© 2024 respective studios + clients. 
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